Michela driving Keanu (her trust steed)

Due North

“Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles.” Went North: Burk’s Falls/Armour, North Bay, Talon Lake, Sudbury, Sturgeon Falls, Spanish, the French River, dead windmill, meth lab, Crown land, Deliverance-like situations, child-scarring underwear swimming, dogs that pay no heed, Dead Horton’s and whiskey.

Trent University

Wandering in Peterborough

So after seeing Peterborough Square, we actually ended up spending our New Years Eve in a surprisingly nice motel in Peterborough. Much less sketchy than Brantford’s accommodations earlier in the trip, and infinitely less terrifying than the Dream Inn from our previous trip to Sudbury, where the room had a back access that didn’t lock […]

Sunny Hamilton

Urbex in Hamilton

Before leaving Hamilton, we did a fair amount of exploration. We found an abandoned looking mosque somewhere North (?) of Hamilton, a giant, globe-painted tank on the South-Eastern industrial end of the city, and some other craziness along the shoreline. We also visited the Museum of Steam and Technology, which I highly recommend if you’re […]

Chatham Glue Factory

Urbex in Chatham

Before leaving Chatham, we decided to do some wandering around and somewhat accidentally happened upon an abandoned glue factory. Most of these photos are from the factory, which was in a forest right beside a residential neighbourhood filled with small, post-war houses. The ruin seemed to get a lot of traffic, judging by the amount […]