Cookstown in Innisfil, Ontario

PPS Blog: How Breaking Down Government Silos Empowers Placemaking

After getting a hot tip from one of our project staff at PPS, I followed up with some city staff in Innisfil, Ontario about their efforts to reform their governance structure and democratize their planning process. Head on over to the PPS blog to read the full article!

Downtown Providence

A New City

When I move, I can’t wait to continue exploring the rest of Providence. As someone who grew up in a midsize city, I find the place totally fascinating. About 40,000 fewer people live in Providence proper than in Kitchener, Ontario (my hometown), but Providence is also about 3 times denser.

The new face of the ROM: the Michael Lee Chin Crystal (Wikipedia)

Image-making and Place-making

A blog post I wrote as part of The City Builder Book Club (organized by The Centre for City Ecology and Creative Urban Projects) went up this week!