Four Canadian Books for American Urbanists

With the Christmas countdown in full swing, I thought I’d give a shout out to some of my favourite (not “favorite”) Canadian books about cities that urbanists on either side of the border ought to appreciate.

Market Square - Empty Side of the Food Court

Thesis in Numero Cinq

My undergraduate thesis exploring the role the Market Square Shopping Centre played in re-imagining the downtown of Kitchener, Ontario has been published by the online literary magazine Numero Cinq! The Struggle for the Centre: One City’s Adventure With Modernity

Backstreet, Hoboken, NY

Travels to the American East Coast

At the beginning of November, Emma (my girlfriend) and I went on a grand tour of New England and New York so I could visit campuses and talk to folks about grad school, and so Emma could speak to people about working in the publishing industry.

Construction at the New Courthouse

Old Courthouse / New Courthouse

The New Courthouse Construction of Waterloo Region’s new Mega Courthouse is well underway on the block bordered by Duke, Frederick, Weber and Scott Streets. It will add yet another monumental single-use block to the downtown, which does have a certain urban sexiness to it, especially in those sleek computerized renderings, and I do believe that […]

Megastructure: Place Bonaventure, Montreal

Megacity Montreal

This reading week, Emma and I travelled to Montreal. We saw lots of amazing museums/other cultural institutions (my favourites being the Point-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History, which is actually two buildings attached by underground ruins, and the Redpath Museum on the McGill University campus, which is an interdisciplinary natural history/anthropology institution), ate lots of great […]

Brantford Market Square

Brantford Market Square

On the first day, we decided to just drive to Brantford so we could have an early start the next day. We stayed at a sketchy motel a few doors down from a teenage couple who smoked a lot. In the other direction, one of the units looked like it may have been converted into […]