Brantford Market Square

Brantford Market Square

On the first day, we decided to just drive to Brantford so we could have an early start the next day. We stayed at a sketchy motel a few doors down from a teenage couple who smoked a lot. In the other direction, one of the units looked like it may have been converted into a permanent apartment. In the morning, we set off downtown to see the local mall.

The Brantford Market Square was truly deserted. Only a Williams and a couple bargain shops remained retail wise. The City and the Brant County Museum & Archives have taken over a few spaces in the mall, but even still, the building sits colossal and empty. Interestingly, what seems like hundreds of potted plants are still thriving here, years after the shops and shoppers have left, like the vines on a Roman ruin.

If you’re a nerd like me who likes Brutalism, the Brantford city hall is also worth checking out. Pictures below!

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