Jane and Bob Jacobs and their son Jim undertake a renovation of their home at 555 Hudson Street in Greenwich Village, ca 1950. (Random House)

CityLab: Reading Jane Jacobs Anew

Jane Jacobs’s work is cousin to the radical visions of the 1960s, but she was ultimately working to reinvent, not simply destroy conventional wisdom. This article is an adapted version of the introduction to Vital Little Plans: The Short Works of Jane Jacobs. Read more on CityLab

City of Toronto staff believed to be working in one of the Neighborhood Planning Offices in the early 1970s. | City of Toronto Archives, Series 1465, File 313, Item 6.

PPS Blog: Place Governance through Neighborhood Planning Offices

As a Torontonian at heart, I’m always looking for opportunities to bring the stories of Toronto’s amazing accomplishments in city building to a broader audience. So in this article I drill down on the city’s Neighborhood Planning Offices, storefront workspaces that aimed to make city planning more accountable, convenient, accessible and responsive to communities.

Elmwood Stroll

How Stories Clarify Complexity

“The plural of anecdote is not data.” Since the 1970s, this phrase has become a truism for all the wrong reasons.