Elmwood Stroll

How Stories Clarify Complexity

“The plural of anecdote is not data.” Since the 1970s, this phrase has become a truism for all the wrong reasons.

Interpreting City Models

Interpreting City Models

City models are one of the most powerful (and challenging) tools at the disposal of curators of the built environment.

78 Days in Chicago

This summer, I worked as an Exhibitions Intern at the Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF). I had never been to Chicago before, so I spent my time in equal parts working on CAF projects, and trying to figure out what makes this metropolis of the Midwest tick.

Backstreet, Hoboken, NY

Travels to the American East Coast

At the beginning of November, Emma (my girlfriend) and I went on a grand tour of New England and New York so I could visit campuses and talk to folks about grad school, and so Emma could speak to people about working in the publishing industry.

Megastructure: Place Bonaventure, Montreal

Megacity Montreal

This reading week, Emma and I travelled to Montreal. We saw lots of amazing museums/other cultural institutions (my favourites being the Point-à-Callière Museum of Archaeology and History, which is actually two buildings attached by underground ruins, and the Redpath Museum on the McGill University campus, which is an interdisciplinary natural history/anthropology institution), ate lots of great […]