Urbanspace Gallery, an Architecture Center

Architecture Centers: Building Urban Awareness

Nate’s presentation will explore his work with “architecture centers”—a new kind of museum that builds urban literacy, connects professionals to the public, and addresses current affairs in real time.

Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossing

Since I moved to Providence, I’ve admired its beautiful network of zebra crosswalks.

Mt. Hope Bridge between Bristol and Aquidneck Island

A New State

During the little free time Dad and I managed to carve out while apartment hunting, we decided to get out of Providence and see a bit more of Rhode Island.

Downtown Providence

A New City

When I move, I can’t wait to continue exploring the rest of Providence. As someone who grew up in a midsize city, I find the place totally fascinating. About 40,000 fewer people live in Providence proper than in Kitchener, Ontario (my hometown), but Providence is also about 3 times denser.

Atwells Ave.

A New Neighbourhood, A New Apartment

Last week, my dad and I travelled back to Providence, RI to find me housing for the Fall. Emma and I both had our hearts set on finding a place in Federal Hill, Providence’s “Little Italy,” and we were lucky enough to find a perfect place nearby.

Backstreet, Hoboken, NY

Travels to the American East Coast

At the beginning of November, Emma (my girlfriend) and I went on a grand tour of New England and New York so I could visit campuses and talk to folks about grad school, and so Emma could speak to people about working in the publishing industry.