Backstreet, Hoboken, NY

Travels to the American East Coast

At the beginning of November, Emma (my girlfriend) and I went on a grand tour of New England and New York so I could visit campuses and talk to folks about grad school, and so Emma could speak to people about working in the publishing industry.

Downtown Kitchener

Downtown Kitchener: Success and More Work Ahead

Kitchener’s recent downtown renewal seems to have genuinely turned around the atmosphere there. The new wider sidewalks with sloped curbs not only make the sidewalks more pedestrian friendly, they also make the roadways less daunting as well. J-walking has become much easier because of the reduced distance between sidewalks and the slower speed of cars […]

Rachel Whiteread, Water Tower, 1998

Another Water Tower

This is just a short post to point out an artwork I really like that’s related to my last post on the dismantling of Kitchener’s Cedar Hill water tower. The work is Rachel Whiteread’s Water Tower¬†(1998), for those of you who are not familiar. Perched in the New York skyline, Whiteread’s life-size resin cast of […]