Vital Little Plans: A Conversation about Jane Jacobs and Public Writing

In this talk, Nate Storring and Samuel Zipp, the editors of Vital Little Plans, will explore the difficult process of collecting, curating, and interpreting this anthology of Jane Jacobs’s short writings, the delicate balance of honoring and challenging her legacy, and what we can learn from her dual life as a public intellectual and activist. Lunch will […]

Urbanspace Gallery, an Architecture Center

Architecture Centers: Building Urban Awareness

Nate’s presentation will explore his work with “architecture centers”—a new kind of museum that builds urban literacy, connects professionals to the public, and addresses current affairs in real time.

Backstreet, Hoboken, NY

Travels to the American East Coast

At the beginning of November, Emma (my girlfriend) and I went on a grand tour of New England and New York so I could visit campuses and talk to folks about grad school, and so Emma could speak to people about working in the publishing industry.